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A script language for the operating systems Linux, UNIX and WINDOWS (NT, 2000, XP, 7)

Projectmanager Dr. Gerd Küveler, Dipl.-Ing. Axel Zuber

Keywords: script language, procedure language, automation, data acquisition and control,

                    TCP/IP, parameter transfer, pipe, CGI, UNIX, Linux, Windows, error message,

                    C-like, loops, if-elseif-else, test function.

AMI script language for Linux, UNIX and Windows

What is AMI?

AMI means Automation Macro Interpreter and is a 'C'-like script language for the operating systems Windows and UNIX/Linux.
The language contains statements of its own and supports commands to the shell in wait and no-wait mode with parameter passing.
The main application area of AMI is to automate procedures of data acquisition and control. AMI needs no special installation.
Only the executable program ami (UNIX/Linux) or ami.exe (Windows) and the help file amiunix.hlp or amiwin.hlp are required.
You may download this files together with some short examples of AMI scripts (*.ami) from the present web page.

Some properties of AMI

Note: AMI may only be used free of charge for non commercial purposes.

           Alternatively contact one of the project managers.

Download AMI for UNIX/Linux

Download AMI for Windows (XP, NT, 2000)

Download LabVIEW Runtime Engine (necessary to run the script pardemo.ami)    for Windows    for Linux

Download Perl script ami.pl and example cgitest.ami